A Unique Way To Quadruple Your Backup!

DirectAdmin Backup Plugin

Your backups are stored in 4 multiple repositories. On any FTP backup platform, Amazon AWS S3 bucket, Dropbox and / or Google Drive storage.

Yep, It's a Lifetime License
  • One time payment per IP
  • Optional recurring Updates
  • Pricing
For DirectAdmin
  • 1 time payment € 25,-
  • € 10,- (optional - per year)
  • € 25,-.
  • Order

For CPanel
  • 1 time payment € 25,-
  • € 10,- (optional - per year)
  • € 25,- .
  • Almost Done

For Any platform - 1 site
  • 1 time payment € 25,-
  • € 10,- (optional - per year)
  • € 25,- .
  • Almost Done

Do you need more features for McQUATTRO?

Together with our clients this plugin will evolve over time with even more features. Feel free to drop us a sugesstion. When it is suitable, we build it in

Server Requirements

PHP versie 5.5+ (incl PHP7)
Installed IONCube (ask your server admin to install this)
SSL enabled on your DirectAdmin (we recommend Let's Encrypt, it's Free!)
In DA check_referer=0
Curl installed for PHP

The pricing of McQUATTRO

We kept the pricing very low. The pricing is only 1 time. This is set on €25,- per license. Recurring updates are optional. However, we do recommend this update in case for example Google or Dropbox made some changes.

Do you have more then 1 server? No problem

We never bill over 10 servers. This means, say you run 25 DA servers?, you only pay for 10. Period! Just contact our sales for a quote. We can create a license for complete IP ranges. We can keep the pricing for IP ranges very very low. Please note! We do not take any responsibility when a backup fails. Our product is solid, but as is.